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Wikipedia Animate

In June 2005 Andy Baio posted the following lazyweb request:

I’d love to see a tool for animating Wikipedia history for a given entry or block of text (see Udell’s screencast for an example). Bonus points for highlighting what changed in each version, and extra special bonus points for a way to scrub backwards and forwards through time. I don’t care if it’s a Greasemonkey extension, Flash or Ajax, as long as it does the job.

Lazyweb, hear my plea! $50 $250 (and a free Flickr Pro account) to the best implementation, ruthlessly decided by me in about a week. If anyone else wants to kick in money for the bounty, feel free to post a comment. (If your application meets Jason Scott’s criteria in the comments below, you’ll earn an additional $50.)

I entered the contest, and won! My implementation depends on a Greasemonkey userscript that still kinda-sorta works, but definitely could use some attention, as some of the features have stopped working.

For more information and installation instructions, go to the Wikipedia Animate page at

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