New York After Rent

The latest episode of Theory of Everything is a recut version of April’s New York After rent series. Listen to the whole thing in one 70 minute post prop f director’s cut episode.

In the future startups will enable us to rent out our memories, feelings, and dreams, the same way we now rent out our extra bedrooms and the stuff in our closets. In the future every flight of fancy eventually will be commodified.

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Enchanting by Numbers

Theory of Everything recently posted an addendum to last year’s Enchanting by Numbers. Both episodes are very worthwhile, and both include the same segment talking about how misunderstood Facebook algorithms are to most of its users.

Be sure to listen to the interview with Suw Charman-Anderson, founder of Ada Lovelace Day, which is today! That part starts at 14:30 in part 1.

Part 1

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Part 2

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Ada Lovelace created the first algorithm, and discovered the first computer bug.
Ada Lovelace created the first algorithm, and discovered the first computer bug. Source: Wikipedia

See also: Ada’s Algorithm, the author was also interviewed in the Ada Lovelace segment. And Betsy Morais’s New Yorker article.


Theory of Everything

Despite his best efforts to avoid settling on a specific definition, Benjamen Walker has arrived at the raison d’être for his podcast Theory of Everything, paraphrasing Luc Sante:

My podcast is alive to the entire prospect. I focus on the ephemeral and the perishable, and the immemorial. I’m in the show-business of negative capability. I cover things that are about to occur without warning, as well as things that are subtly absent, and things that are silently waving goodbye.

Another episode has just gone up, Recent, Relevant, Random (r), which is—fittingly, given the discussion of recentness—a rerun. I was glad to return to it.