I'm starting to carry my camera with me again. I bring it with me to work in my backpack. It's heavy, my camera. But it forces me to see the world as a photographer. While I'm walking to work, or any other stroll through New York City. In the back of your head you let yourself think about reality as a series of potential exposures. Light is important. The way you frame your perspective is important. Who are the people in view, have they noticed my camera? Should I engage them?

I would not have seen this man had I not been carrying my camera. He would have blended into the surroundings. Or I might have glimpsed the awkward position of his body as he leaned and smoked and typed something into his mobile phone. Without a camera, this visual impression might have persisted until I made it to my office. It's just one block further. I would passed him by, walked briskly past some corporate art, looked to the right for a break in traffic, crossed 53rd Street.

And then I would have forgotten. The moment would be lost.