Burbank Shopping Plaza

I grew up close to Burbank, CA so I can’t help but love these shopping plaza signs extra hard.

Designed by Sean Tejaratchi
Designed by [Sean Tejaratchi](https://twitter.com/shittingtonuk).

Link via Chris

Afternoon walk

Machine Project Documentary Portrait

This video by David Fenster was created two years ago, but it’s new to me (as are the other Machine Project videos).

Machine Project and Mark Allen are among my favorite things in Los Angeles. Mark gave a good interview on Bad At Sports about his year-long residency at the Hammer Museum (my favorite LA museum!).


Two photos titled Los Angeles

When I’d posted that Henry Wessel interview on Friday I hadn’t realized the Getty had so much content online from the exhibition. 24 out of the 30 photos are available, including these two photos by Garry Winogrand and Henry Wessel Jr., both titled Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, 1964, Garry Winogrand. Gelatin silver print. 9 x 13 7/16 in. © 1984 The Estate of Garry Winogrand
Los Angeles, 1971, Henry Wessel Jr. Gelatin silver on Dupont Veragam paper print. 7 15/16 x 11 7/8 in. © Henry Wessel

This third photo seems struck me as a spiritual ancestor to Doug Rickard’s Google Street View photos. It’s hard to see in this low resolution image, but the man’s face is blurry, much like Google’s face blurring policy.

Automotive Landscapes #5: Los Angeles, 1978, Anthony Hernandez. Gelatin silver print. 11 3/4 x 17 1/8 in. © Anthony Hernandez

There are also short audio pieces that accompany many of the works:

The show is up until May 6th. But if you’re not in LA, be sure to explore the online gallery!