WNYC's State of the Union bingo

WNYC has a bunch of online stuff for tonight’s State of the Union speech. Not sure how I’ll pay attention to the enhanced web stream, the live chat (with the New Yorker’s own Amy Davidson), my Twitter stream, and also keep track of a bingo card, but I’m gonna give it a shot.


Making Radio Lab

From WNYC’s Radio Lab podcast:

In spring of 2006, Jad and Robert took the stage at the SoHo Apple Store to talk about the making of Radio Lab. Jad geeks out on the nitty-gritty of digital sound editing, and Robert discusses the editorial questions raised in creating imaginative soundscapes. Film-editor Walter Murch weighs in on the components of storytelling.

MP3 Link


WNYC on Trade School

I hadn’t quite gotten out of bed this morning when I heard this segment on the radio about Trade School.

MP3 link

If you’ve been following my posts here about the school, you may find this basic report to be redundant, but there’s something very nice about hearing Caroline (and Louise I think?) speaking on the radio.