ChatRoulette piano improv

Jon Stewart on Chatroulette

Chatroulette is like Russian roulette, but instead of one bullet and 5 empty chambers, you have 5 cock-filled chambers and 1 chamber filled for reporters who think they’ll be breaking the latest tech trend.


danah boyd on ChatRoulette

It’s about finding joy in randomness.

For most users of all ages – but especially teens – the Internet today is about socializing with people you already know. But I used to love the randomness of the Internet. I can’t tell you how formative it was for me to grow up talking to all sorts of random people online. So I feel pretty depressed every time I watch people flip out about the dangers of talking to strangers. Strangers helped me become who I was. Strangers taught me about a different world than what I knew in my small town. Strangers allowed me to see from a different perspective. Strangers introduced me to academia, gender theory, Ivy League colleges, the politics of war, etc.

I completely agree, ChatRoulette feels like my first experiences meeting random people in AOL chat rooms. But I can also understand why many people would find it too creepy to try out.

There’s an iPhone app called PhotoSwap that operates on a similar principle. It’s also fun, but it’s too bogged down by those who tag their suggestive, but PG-rated, images “NR” for no reporting to the system administrators.


Scott Heiferman's chat roulette

There’s a lot going on in these three screenshots. It’s not surprising that the creator of Meetup might know how to use this thing.

Scott Heiferman's chat roulette

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