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I am not playing video games as much as I once did, but I enjoyed watching this trailer for a game where you play a stray dog in a randomly generated city.

You can back Kevin Cancienne on Kickstarter.

Link via Allen Tan

How to make a 1,500 year old game interesting again

Via Aaron Straup Cope’s excellent littlenets post (which I intend to write more about!):

So, according to theory, if two godlike omnipotent probably hairless illuminati space people—perfect players—went head to head, the second player would never be capable of taking the crown, no matter how flawless their performance. So despite all of chess’ finesse, this folly takes it down to the same peg as Connect Four. “Essentially, my solution is, what if you don’t know what the game is when you start playing?” Sommer says.


Super Chemical Bros

Hits two different nostalgia buttons at the same time.

The underlying psychology of video games

From the excellent pictures for sad children, a tragic gaming story. After reading the comic, go play You Have To Burn The Rope. Can you feel the sorrow of Grinning Colossus right before he disappears in a puff?


Our game-permeated future

Jesse Schell is a professor at CMU who gave a presentation recently on games and their relationship to culture. The tone changes a lot toward the end of the presentation with a surprise (to me) ending. I disagree with his conclusion, but I’ll leave that for a future post.

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