Yeah, I have no idea how to introduce this. It’s a video about how you shouldn’t nudge the puppies.


Bushwick Galleries (October 25, 2015)

Home Free

I am not playing video games as much as I once did, but I enjoyed watching this trailer for a game where you play a stray dog in a randomly generated city.

You can back Kevin Cancienne on Kickstarter.

Link via Allen Tan

Creatures of xmas

Bushwick at Night

Balloon test flight

For an extra challenge we launched our weather balloon wifi rig at one of the most canine-dense areas of Central Park.


Videos of dogs howling along with the Law & Order theme song

I’m so glad that nasty nets is back! From the comments:

If it’s something peculiar to Law & Order, two theories:

  1. The show comes on at canine dinnertime
  2. That wah-wah guitar sounds like barking.