Occupy.here at SXSW 2013

Here’s my presentation slide deck (PDF) from my panel at SXSW this year, “And What of Liberty? Networks & Freedom”. I also made an audio recording of my talk, which you can listen to sync’d up to my slide deck on Slideshare.

Photo taken by occupy.here user “Jase”
Photo taken by occupy.here user “Jase”

occupy.here introduction

Intro to JavaScript

This afternoon I gave a very short introduction to computer programming at Trade School. I focused on JavaScript as a language to start with, mainly because there’s essentially nothing to install and there are many practical uses to knowing a little JS.

Here is my slide deck. I’ve also posted some example code and the original Keynote file to GitHub.

Download presentation PDF

Incidentally, it looks like the last presentation I posted here was for last year’s Trade School workshop on WordPress.

Making websites with WordPress

Tonight I’ll be giving an introductory presentation on using WordPress as part of the Trade School workshop series. Unfortunately my session is already full, but I’d like to do this again in the future (perhaps for The Public School?). In any case, here are my presentation slides (pdf).

Trade School has an interesting model: students bring an item or perform a task in exchange for the teacher’s time. In my case these objects (no tasks in my case) fall into two categories: personal enjoyment and materials for my projects. They range in “material value,” but the point for me isn’t so much that I get a fair exchange. Besides, our society is really bad at arriving at a reliable price on education.

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